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CNC lathe manufacturer: What are the characteristics of CNC lathes?

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Numerical control machine tool is an automatic machine tool equipped with program control system. The control system can use the control code or other symbolic instructions to process the program logically and decode, so as to make the machine move and process parts. CNC lathe manufacturers say that precision lathe is one of the widely used CNC machine tools. Used for cutting shaft parts or disk parts of the inside and outside cylindrical surface, cone Angle inside and outside conical surface, complex rotary inside and outside surface and cylindrical, taper thread, can be used for grooving, drilling, reaming, reaming, boring.

The customization of CNC machine tool is to automatically process the machined parts according to the pre-prepared machining program. According to the specified instruction code and program format, the parts of the processing process route, process parameters, tool track, displacement, cutting parameters and auxiliary functions into the processing program list, and then the content of the program list recorded in the control medium, and then input into the CNC machine tool CNC device, so as to guide the machine tool processing parts.

Numerical control technology, also known as computer numerical control technology, is the use of computers to achieve digital program control technology. In this technology, the computer performs logical control functions for the motion trajectory of the device and the sequence of operations of peripheral devices according to a pre-stored control program. As the numerical control device composed of hardware logic circuit is replaced by computer, the storage, processing, calculation, logic judgment and other control functions of input operation instructions can be realized by computer software. The micro instructions generated by processing are transferred to the servo drive motor or hydraulic actuator to drive the equipment to run.

Since the advent of CNC lathes in the 1950s, in single piece production and small batch production, has been used to process complex parts, not only improve labor productivity and processing quality, but also shorten the production preparation cycle, reduce the technical proficiency of workers requirements. CNC machine customization has become a single piece of small batch production to achieve technological innovation and revolution of good development direction. Countries around the world are also vigorously developing this new technology.

Compared with ordinary machine tools, CNC machine tools produced by CNC lathe manufacturers have the following characteristics:

Good processing precision, stable processing quality; Can carry out multi-coordinate linkage, can process the shape of complex parts; Parts replacement, generally only need to change the numerical control program, can save production preparation time; Machine tool itself has good precision, high rigidity, favorable processing capacity, good productivity (generally 3~5 times of ordinary machine tools); Machine tool high degree of automation, can reduce labor intensity; High requirements on the quality of operators and maintenance personnel. CNC lathe manufacturers warm tips, CNC lathe processing process, do not allow to change the automatic control system in the factory set parameters.


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