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Numerical control machine tool depth analysis

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The main difference between machine tools and other machines is that machine tools are machines that make the machine itself, so machine tools are also called "industrial machine tools". Machine tools provide production equipment for the equipment manufacturing industry. All parts with fine surface roughness and high machining accuracy need machine tools to process. Therefore, machine tools play an important role in the development of manufacturing industry and national economy.

With the development of electronic information technology, the machine tool industry has entered the electromechanical integration era with CNC machine tools as the representative products. Numerical control machine tool is a kind of flexible and efficient automatic machine tool, can better solve the complex, precision, small batch, many kinds of parts processing problems, is equipped with automatic machine tool control system, represents the development direction of modern machine tool control technology. The product structure of numerical control machine tool in our country mainly consists of numerical control metal forming machine tool, numerical control metal cutting machine tool and numerical control special machining machine tool. Among them, CNC metal cutting machine tools scale, accounting for 53.20% of the total product scale, CNC special processing machine tools and CNC metal forming machine tools accounted for 16.80% and 28.50% of the total product scale respectively.

In-depth Analysis of CNC Machine Tool: The national important instrument "Industrial mother Machine"
The general product life of machine tools is about 10 years. The machine tool industry has obvious periodicity, so the industry is a business cycle every 7-10 years. The new cycle began in 2009 and fell back after a peak in global machine tool consumption and output in 2011. In 2019, the global consumption of machine tools was 82.1 billion US dollars, down 13.8% year on year. The global industry is still at the bottom of the cycle. In recent years, although the overall profitability of our numerical control machine tool industry has decreased partly, the industrial scale is still rising. The China Machine Tool Industry Association forecasts that the scale of China's CNC machine tool industry will grow by 5 percent in 2021, which means it will exceed 340 billion yuan. At present our country is in the industrial structure adjustment upgrading stage, the advanced manufacturing industry will gradually replace the traditional manufacturing industry, the market for high performance numerical control machine tools as industrial mother machine demand will increase considerably.

Compared with traditional machine tools, CNC machine tools have multiple advantages such as high precision, high speed, compound, intelligent and environmental protection, and undertake the special mission of industrial modernization. CNC machine tools are not ordinary industrial investment products. Five-axis linkage machine tools and other high-end CNC machine tools and systems are still listed in the list of trade restrictions in developed countries. As a strategic material restriction, it is related to national economic, military and industrial security. At present, the world machine tool industry is a perfect competition industry, the main machine tool countries include Germany, Japan, the United States, China and other countries. Our machine tool industry started relatively late, but the overall development is rapid. In recent years, both technology and market size have grown significantly. But compared with Germany, Japan, America, our country machine tool structure still has a very big optimization space, the improvement of the numerical control rate is the trend of the industry, the overall market is huge, the development prospect is broad.


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