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Construction Plan for Pilot Woodworking Classroom

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Through woodworking game activities, implementing STEAM and maker education, cultivating children's creativity and craftsmanship spirit, forming abilities such as division of labor, communication and design, imaginative creation, and decoration and beautification, as well as proficiency in using various tools, will benefit children for a lifetime. It is of great significance for the comprehensive cultivation and development of language, creativity, hands-on, imagination, observation and other comprehensive abilities of young children and preschool teachers.

1、 Classroom Site Selection and Area

Site selection: Woodworking classrooms should be located with a large wall area and good ventilation.

Area: Determine the classroom area based on the number of users. For example, the classroom area for 16 people should be between 30-50m ², and the classroom area for 32 people should be between 50-70m ².

2、 Regional division

The woodworking classroom should be reasonably divided based on its functional requirements, including but not limited to the following areas:

Protective zone: set at the entrance of the classroom to protect students and teachers from harm.

Design area: For students to carry out preparatory work such as woodworking design and drawing drawings.

Operation area: mainly engaged in woodworking operations, including cutting, polishing, assembly and other steps.

Assembly area: used to assemble various components into complete woodworking products.

Tool area: Store various woodworking tools to ensure they are neatly arranged and easy to access.

Material area: Store raw materials such as wood, glue, screws, and auxiliary materials.

Display area: Display student works to inspire their creative enthusiasm.

3、 Equipment configuration

The carpentry classroom should be equipped with necessary equipment and tools, including but not limited to:

Woodworking machine tools: such as sawing machines, milling machines, drilling machines, etc.

Hand tools: such as saws, hammers, screwdrivers, etc.

Measurement tools: such as tape measure, angle ruler, level, etc.

Safety equipment: such as protective goggles, gloves, earplugs, etc.

4、 Environmental requirements

Ventilation: There should be good ventilation facilities indoors, and natural ventilation should be preferred to ensure air quality.

Lighting: Indoor lighting should meet national standards, and the desktop lighting coefficient should not be less than 2.0%. Windows should be equipped with shading curtains.

Lighting: Indoor lighting should meet national standards, and the average illuminance maintained on the desktop should not be less than 300lx, with an illuminance uniformity of not less than 0.7.

Noise control: Indoor noise control values should comply with national standards to ensure that students learn in a quiet environment.

5、 Security measures

Firefighting facilities: Firefighting facilities and firefighting equipment should be installed indoors to ensure quick response in emergency situations.

First aid kit: The classroom should be equipped with a first aid kit so that accidents can be dealt with promptly.

Safety training: Teachers should receive safety training to ensure that they can follow safety regulations during operation and protect student safety.

6、 Other precautions

Power supply: The power supply for operating electric tools and lighting should be separated into different circuits, and the power socket should be of a safe type.

Ground: The ground should be made of wear-resistant, anti slip, easy to clean materials, and have moisture-proof treatment.

Wall: The wall should be kept clean to avoid dust and debris affecting student operations.

By following the above construction plan, the functionality, safety, and comfort of the woodworking classroom can be ensured, providing students with a good learning and practical environment.

The establishment of woodworking courses not only cultivates students' hands-on ability and cooperation and coordination ability, but also demonstrates their spatial imagination and logical thinking ability, achieving the true purpose of integrating education with entertainment, allowing students to learn labor skills, hone their labor will, and experience the spirit of craftsmanship in woodworking activities.

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