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Woodworking Creativity Course cultivates the spirit of craftsmanship among students

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The labor technology course is an operational and practical subject, with the main goal of enabling students to initially learn some basic labor knowledge and skills through labor education and practice, gradually cultivating correct labor concepts, good labor habits, and a love for labor and the labor people. At the same time, labor technology courses also focus on the comprehensive development of students, committed to improving their technical literacy and comprehensive quality.

With woodworking skills as the theme and labor education and practice as the entry point, the teaching objectives not only focus on teaching basic woodworking skills, but also pay more attention to the cultivation of creative labor, labor spirit, and craftsmanship spirit in the course content, such as cultural discussion, appreciation of high-quality products, and design innovation; The teaching philosophy emphasizes safety education as the first priority, integrates traditional cultural education, focuses on aesthetic education, attaches importance to the cultivation of innovative ability, focuses on the training of innovative thinking, pursues the shaping of humanistic spirit, and focuses on cultivating the spirit of craftsmanship, fully reflecting the eight key goals of ideological and political education. With the needs and dreams of undergraduate students as the main background, it is more targeted and open.

The teaching content for primary and secondary schools mainly includes the structure and properties of wood, the use and repair of various woodworking tools, the treatment methods for different shapes of wood before processing, and the combination methods for two or more pieces of wood. Teaching methods include guidance on creating programs and using tools. The former generally includes design drawings, cutting materials according to the planned size of the manufactured items, planing, tenoning, filing, bonding, polishing and coloring, painting, etc; The latter mainly includes the use of scribes, axes, saws, chisels, files, drills, planers, and lightweight woodworking machinery.

The woodworking creativity course is a course aimed at stimulating students' creativity, imagination, and hands-on ability. The following is a clear introduction to the woodworking creative course, including the objectives, content, teaching methods, and evaluation of the course:

1、 Course objective: To cultivate students' basic woodworking skills, such as using tools such as saws, hammers, and nails for simple wood processing.

2、 Course content: Basic woodworking skills learning, introduction to woodworking tools and materials, teaching basic woodworking operation skills such as sawing, polishing, splicing, etc.

3、 Teaching method: Combining theory with practice, based on introducing woodworking tools and materials, students can master basic woodworking skills through practical operations.

4、 Course evaluation: Skill mastery, evaluating students' mastery of woodworking skills through their practical operations and completion of their work.

The woodworking creativity course aims to cultivate students' woodworking skills, creativity, and imagination through systematic learning and practice, and enhance their hands-on ability and problem-solving ability. At the same time, the course emphasizes the personalized development of students, providing personalized guidance and assistance to ensure that every student receives sufficient attention and support.


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