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XENDOLL desktop small CNC machining center is more conducive to teaching and application

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The desktop small CNC machining center VMC220 is a distinctive product of Xendol. It has a small volume and occupies less than 1 cubic meter. It weighs around 160KG and is equipped with industrial grade CNC. The body is made of high-quality cast iron, and industrial grade grinding ball screws are used. The spindle servo motor is also used.

A certain university has chosen the Xendol desktop VMC220 machining center, and after use, feedback has been enthusiastic.

They believe that this desktop machining center can become an important tool for CNC vocational education, and its educational significance is to deepen the integration of industry and education, and promote the development of vocational education.

By introducing Xendol desktop machining centers, we can solidify the foundation of vocational education, improve the vocational education and training system, provide students with a more authentic and efficient teaching environment, and cultivate professional talents that meet social needs.

Although this small CNC machining center from Xendol has at least some advantages, it still possesses the standard structure of large-scale industrial CNC machine tools and the functions of CNC programming and machining, which can enhance teaching density and enable students to master more knowledge and skills in limited time.

Moreover, after using the leading desktop machining center, multiple advantages were discovered. It reduces internship consumption. Compared with large CNC machine tools, desktop machining centers are more cost-effective in terms of material and energy consumption, reducing internship costs, and more in line with energy-saving and environmental protection policies.

The effectiveness of teaching practice has been improved. Through the practical operation of desktop machining centers, students can have a more intuitive understanding of the principles and applications of CNC machining technology, which enhances their interest and practical abilities in school.

In order to enable students to observe processing actions and usage status more clearly, Xendol's desktop machining center uses an acrylic shell cover design, which greatly enhances students' understanding and mastery of knowledge.

With the accelerated trend of digital transformation in vocational education, desktop processing centers will play a more important role in future education. By building real training bases for vocational education and promoting classroom reforms, the teaching quality and effectiveness of vocational education will be further improved. Meanwhile, with the continuous progress and innovation of technology, the functions and performance of desktop machining centers will also be further improved and perfected, providing stronger support for the development of education.

In summary, desktop machining centers have a profound and positive impact on education. By introducing advanced teaching equipment and technological means such as desktop machining centers, the development of vocational education can be promoted, teaching effectiveness and talent cultivation quality can be improved, and the demand for high-quality skilled talents in society can be met.


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