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XENDOLL small laser engraving function provides more choices for your products

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A small engraving machine is a mechanical device that performs fine carving and cutting within a small size range. It is widely used in various materials for carving patterns, texts, logos, etc., especially in teaching, handicraft production, advertising production, model production and other fields, playing an important role.

Laser engraving machines, with their high precision, high efficiency, and non-contact processing characteristics, can carve a variety of products. The following are some products that laser engraving machines can carve and their related features:

Flat carved products:

Various types of chest tags, hanging tags, nameplates, etc. are commonly used for identification and display.

Cutting characters and graphics from various materials, as well as creating various models, are widely used in industries such as advertising and decoration.

3D carved products:

In addition to the function of flat carving, laser engraving machines can also complete object carving with depth control, such as 3D convex or concave three-dimensional characters and graphics with pen edges.

We can produce handicrafts such as relief and color carving to meet the needs of handicraft production and personalized customization.

Material diversity:

Laser engraving machines can process various materials, including but not limited to wooden boards, bamboo boards, cans, fabrics, leather, rubber, plastics, etc.

Specifically, laser engraving machines can also achieve precise carving on materials with varying hardness and texture, such as glass and cowhide.

Sculpture effect:

Laser engraving can accurately carve micrometer sized grooves, achieving high-quality carving effects.

Laser engraving is a non-contact processing that does not damage the conductive layer of the material to be processed and does not require the use of any chemicals, ensuring the safety and environmental friendliness of the processing process.

Special applications:

In the advertising industry, laser engraving machines can produce high-end plaques made of materials such as organic glass, PVC foam board, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, etc.

In the production of Tibetan handicrafts, the laser engraving machine combined with other engraving tools can carve various Xizang figures, Tibetan characters, portraits, etc. on cobbles, ox horns, pine wood and other materials.

Technical features:

The spindle of laser engraving machines usually uses a frequency conversion brushless motor, which has high speed, long service life, and is suitable for high-precision processing.

Floating blade technology can maintain consistent carving depth on large uneven surfaces, solving the problem of uneven carving depth.

In summary, laser engraving machines have become an indispensable and important equipment in modern manufacturing and handicraft production due to their unique processing methods and wide application fields.

Laser engraving machine, model: XD9060

Product features:

1. Exquisite and beautiful appearance design, with a retractable mechanism on the top cover, makes dimming maintenance simple and easy.

2. High strength industrial grade steel plates ensure the overall operational life of the equipment.

3. Pre installed genuine software with power-off continuation, online modification of energy and speed, panel adjustable parameters, multi positioning point logic, parameter backup, online upgrade of motherboard program, etc., compatible with AUTOCAD, CORELDARW, PHOTOSHOP and other software.

4. Adopting stepwise subdivision control, with small errors and high repeatability accuracy.

5. The use of high-precision guide rails and high-quality optical systems significantly improves the carving ability.

6. It has multiple document functions, can store 256MB of job files, and can be used completely without the computer.

Applicable materials (carving or cutting):

Acrylic, organic glass, plastic, crystal, wooden board, medium fiber board, density board, bamboo products, dual color board, window paper, cardboard, leather, fabric, woolen fabrics, clothing accessories, chemical composition fabrics, embroidery, shells, coconut shells, cow horns, resin, animal leather, polyethylene materials, jade, marble craft gifts, ABS boards, lampshades, coated metals, etc.

Applicable scope:

Labor skills, general technology courses, campus innovation rooms, comprehensive practice rooms, metalworking and woodworking rooms, vocational colleges and technical schools for CNC majors, CNC programming laboratories, university CNC training bases, etc.


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