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Creative Future—XENDOLL Small Laser Engraving Machine

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The General Technology course covers knowledge and skills from multiple fields, such as mechanics, electronics, architecture, design, etc., enabling students to develop comprehensive technical literacy through interdisciplinary learning. It is a practical, creative, highly comprehensive, and science humanities integrated course aimed at cultivating students' technical literacy, promoting their comprehensive and personalized development, and enabling them to understand the impact of technology on society, culture, and environment while learning technology.

As a novel teaching tool, small laser engraving machines provide students with more opportunities for practice and innovation, and can stimulate their interest and curiosity in learning. Through hands-on operation of laser engraving machines, students engage in practical operations such as model design and material cutting, gaining a deeper understanding of the principles and applications of laser technology, thereby enhancing the fun and attractiveness of learning, and cultivating their innovative thinking and practical abilities.

The XENDOLL small laser engraving machine, as a modern teaching tool, greatly enriches teaching resources. It enables schools to provide students with more diverse practical opportunities, especially in fields such as general technology and art design.

Small laser engraving machines have significantly improved teaching efficiency due to their high precision and efficiency. Students can quickly and accurately complete their work production through laser engraving machines, thus saving a lot of time and cost.

Laser engraving machine, model: XD9060

Product features:
1. Exquisite and beautiful appearance design, with a retractable mechanism on the top cover, makes dimming maintenance simple and easy.
2. High strength industrial grade steel plates ensure the overall operational life of the equipment.
3. Pre installed genuine software with power-off continuation, online modification of energy and speed, panel adjustable parameters, multi positioning point logic, parameter backup, online upgrade of motherboard program, etc., compatible with AUTOCAD, CORELDARW, PHOTOSHOP and other software.
4. Adopting stepwise subdivision control, with small errors and high repeatability accuracy.
5. The use of high-precision guide rails and high-quality optical systems significantly improves the carving ability.
6. It has multiple document functions, can store 256MB of job files, and can be used completely without the computer.

The works produced by laser engraving machines have high ornamental and practical value, which can provide students with a sense of achievement and satisfaction during the production process, thereby improving their learning participation and enthusiasm. The works produced by laser engraving machines are of high quality, which can fully showcase students' design concepts and creative talents, and help improve their confidence and learning motivation.

When using a laser engraving machine for model design, students need to first use design software for innovative design, then draw design graphics, select appropriate materials for carving and cutting, and finally generate a work. This process not only cultivates students' ability to express patterns, but also enhances their hands-on operation and problem-solving abilities.

The General Technology course is a course that emphasizes the integration of practice, creativity, synthesis, and humanities, aiming to cultivate students' technical literacy and innovative spirit, and lay a solid foundation for their future learning and life.

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