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XENDOLL micro CNC machining center

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They really like XENDOLL's small five axis machining center because the price is relatively low and it meets the budget. They can choose more equipment to meet the needs of the school. Through classroom teaching, the teacher allows students to improve their CNC programming and operation skills by operating small five axis machining, enabling them to truly master the five axis linkage technology in practice.

Now let's take a look at the XENDOLL micro CNC machining center, model: VMC220. The product has multiple characteristics, small size, and low energy consumption are the most basic advantages. Provide several other advantages:

1. Adopting a 4-station automatic tool changing system, it can be increased to 6 stations and uses a pressure of 0.6Mpa.

2. Enhanced functionality, four-axis linkage, configurable Kandi KND1000MC1 industrial grade CNC system, suitable for international universal programs, automatic fault detection and alarm function, and power-off memory function.

3. The spindle is a high-precision industrial grade spindle, with a spindle taper of ISO20 and a spindle speed of 0-3000 revolutions per minute.

4. The spindle motor has a power of 750W and can be used for machining processes such as milling, drilling, and engraving. It can also be used for tapping teeth.


Clamping tools 2-13mm
Workbench 400mm*140mm
X-axis travel 220mm
Travel Y-axis 120mm
Z-axis travel 200mm
T-groove M12
Spindle center to column surface 180mm
Distance from spindle end to workbench 200mm
Spindle type ISO20
ball screw 1605
Linear Guide Upper Silver Line Rail
Fast movement speed X/Y6000mm/min;Z4000mm/min(Optional servo motor10000mm/min)
positioning accuracy 0.02mm
Repetitive positioning accuracy 0.01mm
Tool magazine 4 workstations
Feed control Closed loop stepper motor (optional with servo motor)

There are other types of small machining centers available, please continue to follow and learn more if needed~


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