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VMC220 micro CNC machining center, the preferred choice for small teaching machine tools

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1) Using a 220V voltage, it occupies a small area and consumes less electricity. It combines transparent acrylic with sheet metal to improve observation safety while ensuring the structural stability of the machine is fully enclosed.
2) Adopting a 4-station automatic tool change system, it can be increased to 6-station and uses a 0.6Mpa air pressure.
3) Enhanced functionality, four axis linkage, equipped with Kandi KND1000MC1 industrial grade CNC system, suitable for international universal programs, automatic fault detection and alarm function, and power outage memory function.
4) The spindle is a high-precision industrial grade spindle with a spindle taper of ISO20 and a spindle speed of 0-4000 rpm.
5) The spindle motor has a power of 750W and can be used for milling, drilling, carving and other processing processes, and can tap teeth.
6) The three-axis track is covered with a dust and chip proof telescopic cover to protect the track and ball screw from wear caused by cutting water and debris entering.
7) Three axis C3 grade precision double nut ball screw, after medium cycle heat treatment and precision grinding, each axis is pre tensioned to reduce thermal deformation, with high positioning and overlap accuracy.
8) This machine is equipped with automatic doors as standard, and users can choose to install automatic clamping fixtures (requiring customer to provide workpiece information), along with robotic arms and other machine tools, to form a small factory automatic production line.
9) System PLC: Open PLC, ladder diagram display and real-time monitoring, PLC online editing, PLC axis control, simple PLC axis control.
10) System IO: Input 40 points Output 24 points CAN remote I/O module maximum expansion: 512/512
11) Macro program function: Macro program B, macro program call (G65), GMT code custom macro program call, interrupt type user macro program
12) External interfaces: RS232 interface, CAN/485 interface, USB interface, Ethernet interface
13) Extended function: With industrial Ethernet function, it can manage programs, parameters, tool compensation, and macro variables of multiple systems on the PC end, and supports Ethernet PLC debugging.
14) Robot docking: A digital interface required for convenient robot docking
Suitable for industries such as makers, innovation laboratories, universities or vocational colleges with integrated teaching of numerical control theory and practice.


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