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Guangzhou Lvcui School Conducts Model Innovation Teacher Training

Add Date: 2023/7/18    Views: 91

On June 30, 2023, Guangzhou Lvcui Modern Experimental School welcomed teachers from more than 40 schools outside the province to provide innovative project training. Led by Chen Qiuyan, a senior teacher who has been teaching for many years, the entire process gave everyone a wooden design class. The course is lively and interesting, from the classic woodworking - mortise and tenon structure to modern anime character production, full of the labor crystallization and skilled skills accumulated by Teacher Chen over the years. The introduction and use of safety machine tools by leading students makes the course even more enjoyable. The safety design of only sawing wood without sawing hands allows teachers to no longer worry about using tools and causing harm to students. Make the woodworking course experience safer and more interesting, with traditional skills and modern technologies complementing each other, rooted and active, inherited and developed, and mutually beneficial.


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