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Operating specifications for CNC training rooms

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1. Before starting the CNC lathe, a comprehensive and detailed inspection should be conducted, including the operation panel, guide rail surface, gripper, tailstock, tool holder, tool, etc., and the operation can only be carried out after confirming that there are no errors.
2. After the machine tool is powered on, check whether all switches, buttons, and keys are normal and flexible, and whether the machine tool has any abnormal phenomena.
3. Check if the voltage, air pressure, and oil pressure are normal. If there are manual lubrication parts, manual lubrication should be carried out first.
4. Each coordinate axis manually returns to zero (machine reference point). If a certain axis is already in the zero position before returning to zero, it must be moved to an effective distance from the zero point before manually returning to zero.
When processing parts, there should be no tools or any debris on the workbench.
6. The machine tool should be transported by air for more than 15 minutes to achieve thermal balance.
After entering the program, it is necessary to carefully check whether the code, instructions, address, numerical value, sign, decimal point, and syntax are correct.
8. Install and align the fixture according to the process regulations.
9. Measure and calculate the workpiece coordinate system correctly, and check the obtained results.
10. Enter the workpiece coordinate system into the offset page and carefully check the coordinates, coordinate values, signs, and decimal points.
11. Before installing the workpiece, run the program empty once to see if it can proceed smoothly, whether the installation of the tools and fixtures is reasonable, and whether there is any overtravel phenomenon.
After inputting the tool compensation value (tool length, radius) into the offset page, it is necessary to carefully check the tool compensation number, compensation value, plus or minus sign, and decimal point.
13. Clamp the workpiece, pay attention to whether the chuck hinders the tool movement, and check whether the size of the blank is too long.
14. Check whether the installation direction of each cutting head meets the program requirements.
15. Check whether the shape and size of the front and rear parts of the tool holder meet the processing requirements, and whether they can collide with the workpiece and fixture.
The part of the boring tool head that protrudes to the diameter of the tool bar must be smaller than the part of the tool tip that protrudes from the diameter of the tool bar.
17. Check whether each tool handle can be tightened in the spindle hole.
18. The first machined part must be tested for cutting by comparing the drawing process, program, and tool adjustment card.
19. During the trial cutting, the fast rate switch must be turned to a lower gear.
20. When using each knife for the first time, it is necessary to verify whether its actual length matches the knife compensation.
During program operation, it is important to focus on observing several displays in the CNC system: 1) coordinate display; 2) Display of working registers and buffer registers; 3) Main program and subroutine content.
During the trial cutting feed, when the tool runs to a position of 30-50 mm from the workpiece, it is necessary to verify whether the remaining coordinate values of the Z axis and the X and Y axes are consistent with the drawing while maintaining the feed.
23. During trial cutting and machining, after grinding and replacing the cutting tools, the tool position should be re measured and the tool compensation value and number should be modified.
24. Program retrieval should pay attention to whether the position indicated by the cursor is reasonable and accurate, and observe whether the coordinates of the tool and machine tool movement direction are correct.
After modifying the program, it is necessary to carefully check the modified parts.
26. The key to modifying the program should be removed immediately after the program adjustment is completed, and should not be inserted on the machine tool to avoid unintentional program changes.
27. Hand feed and manual


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