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Product characteristics and application of metal sawing machine

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Sawing machine using safe power supply, body without plastic parts, equipment stability and durability greatly improved. With saw blade auxiliary device, can greatly prolong the service life of the saw blade, so that the use of the process more simple and easy.

After special design, sawtooth touch skin will only cause slight vibration, safety does not hurt the hand, processing the largest cutting depth of hardwood 4mm, three splints for 7mm, cork for 18mm, thin aluminum sheet 0.5mm, plexiglass for 2mm, can be straight line, curve arbitrary cutting, is a good helper for students to make models.

Motor speed: 20000r/min
Spindle speed: 3000r/min±15%
Voltage/power: 100V-240V, 24W (optional 36W, 60W)
Motor and headstock are metal integrated structure
Table area: 100mm*120mm
Package size: 320mm*195mm*340mm
Processing materials: thin aluminum sheet, organic glass plate, wood, KT board

Application: Campus maker, labor technology, metalworking and woodworking, high school general technology, comprehensive practice and other institutional courses and personal DIY.


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