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Open metalworking woodworking experience room, just for good labor education class

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As early as July 2020, the Ministry of Education issued the Guidelines for Labor Education in Universities, Primary and Secondary Schools (Trial), setting up labor courses as a compulsory course independently. This year, the Ministry of Education issued the "Compulsory Education Labor Curriculum Standards (2022 Edition)", which provides clear professional guidance, clarifies the content and boundaries of labor education in the specific implementation process, and makes labor course officially an independent course in primary and secondary schools.

Enriching school-enterprise cooperation in labor education curriculum
"This desktop CNC lathe is a mainstream system used in industry. If students have other ideas after the class experience, you can find relevant tutorials online to further understand, and guide students to 'learn by doing' and 'learn by doing'." Foshan Leading professional trainers are introducing and analyzing labor education tools in a newly built metalworking and woodworking experience room to teachers teaching labor education courses at a school in Guangzhou.

(Teachers operate desktop CNC machine tools under the instruction of professional trainers of Foshan Lead)

Diversified metalworking carpentry labor project practices
On many occasions, Marx and Lenin incisively discussed the importance of "combining education with productive labor" and "comprehensive technical education". At the same time, the Foshan leader applied the basic theories of Marxism on "combining education with production labor" and "comprehensive technical education" into labor practice. Based on the students' constantly improving technical practice ability, the school designed a "simple - complex - comprehensive" metalworking and carpentry labor course, which gradually increased the difficulty of content. In terms of the connection of the labor curriculum, Foshan has divided the labor curriculum of primary and secondary schools into four sections: Grade 1 ~ 2, Grade 3 ~ 4, Grade 5 ~ 6 and grade 7 ~ 9. The curriculum has been designed from the simple to the deep from the traditional woodworking process to the small-scale industrial production, and then guided the students to have a preliminary understanding of modern industrial production, and finally to the new technology. Experience and application of new technology to guide students to the future four stages of metalworking carpentry Labour practice course.

(Teachers are experiencing the use of micro student safety machine tools suitable for different classes)

Explore the experience room of metalworking and woodworking in practice
The state attaches great importance to the labor curriculum in compulsory education. The metalworking and woodworking experience room, which is designed based on its own experience in the education industry and cooperation with schools, follows the Danish project-style education concept. It is equipped with various safe metalworking and woodworking tools and environment-friendly operating materials, as well as systematic curriculum Settings, so that students can enjoy the creation in the full space. Through labor practice courses, students' creative ability and craftsman spirit are cultivated. The formed abilities of division of labor, communication and design, imagination and creation, and the ability to face challenges, as well as hands-on learning of more professional skills, will benefit students for life, improve the development of teachers' professional ability of labor education and interdisciplinary learning, and realize the educational characteristics of innovative labor in the school.

(Metalworking and woodworking experience Room under construction)


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