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Happy labor education under the policy of "double reduction"

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According to the "Labor Curriculum Standards for Compulsory Education (2022 Edition)" released by the Ministry of Education, labor class has officially become an independent course for primary and secondary schools in China from this semester, which is closer to life and guides students to learn knowledge through labor.

In fact, as early as 2020, after the Ministry of Education issued the "Guidelines for College and Primary and Secondary School Labor Education (Trial)" notice, Bonzhen Future School has started to prepare for the establishment of the school's woodworking room. As the new semester begins in the fall of 2022, how are the children's work classes going?

A small bridge between physics and mathematics

"If you can guess why there are more triangles than quadrilaterals in Bridges, let your imagination run wild." In the woodworking room of the school, the teachers of the Maker group are exploring students' interests and leading them to experience the knowledge and wisdom of labor.

(Students learn the characteristics of Bridges, quadrilateral and triangle after making them.)

Chinese ancient working people's wisdom crystallization - tangram
Tangram is the invention of Chinese ancient working people, its history can be traced back to at least the first century BC, to the Ming Dynasty basically formed. Until modern times, tangram puzzles have been widely used to guide children to learn mathematical concepts and logical relationships, to help children recognize and understand different kinds of geometric figures, and to recognize basic concepts related to circumference and area.

Foshan Pilot, as a partner in the construction of the school's woodworking room, has also designed two courses for the school to make tangram using miniature student safety machine tools and laser engraving machines as tools, to meet the purpose of gradual increase in labor knowledge from lower grades to higher grades.

(Students make their own tangram puzzles using Foshan Pilot Mini Student Safety machine tools)

Foshan forerunner of labor education
Foshan Pioneer has been deeply committed to providing safe products and solutions for labor education that are responsive to new industries and technologies. Micro student safety machine tool selected by the school, using 12V safety voltage, from the source to do a good job of safety protection, including the saw machine for example, through the specially designed saw blade vibration to achieve the purpose of cutting, even when the work will not hurt hands. Miniature students safe machine with its small, easy to use features, users through the use of brief and safety training can be started after the operation, and then through the hands-on, gradually understand and master the basic principle of the machine, improve the ability of operating machinery, its modular structure, can arouse the creativity of student work, guides the student to begin refitted machine's own internal demand.

(The woodworking room jointly built by Foshan Pioneer and the school)

Foshan leading science and technology in primary and secondary labor carpentry room, guest room woodworking experience, creative carpentry workshop, woodworking area for the construction of the Angle of labor, with many years fusion hardware, DIY materials, curriculum, training of first-line classroom construction experience, can tailor of primary and secondary schools in accordance with its culture characteristics for partner woodworking function solution of the classroom. Provide the selection and collocation of facilities and equipment, safety guidance, and professional trainers, arrive at the school for training, to ensure the implementation of service support.


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