Xendoll Industry 4.0 era, actively promote innovative vocational education

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The manufacturing industry is the main body of the national economy, the foundation of building a country, the instrument of rejuvenating the country, and the foundation of strengthening the country. Without a strong manufacturing industry, there will be no prosperity of the country and nation. Building a manufacturing industry with international competitiveness is the only way for China to improve its comprehensive national strength, safeguard its national security and build itself into a world power. Made in China 2025 is a programmatic policy document for Industry 4.0 in China. The upgrading of manufacturing industry is in urgent need of skilled talents with good quality and reasonable structure.

In the era of industry 4.0, innovative and comprehensive vocational education should be actively promoted, and students' learning and practice should be put into real technological innovation.

The college has invested special funds and carefully planned and built a teaching and training platform of Industry 4.0 intelligent manufacturing production line with the significance of The Times. This platform integrates intelligent three-dimensional warehouse, industrial robot, AGV, small five-axis machining center, desktop CNC lathe, RFID system, PLC workstation, visual inspection and other intelligent equipment. The production line can be used for practical training of students from departments of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Mechanical engineering, Information engineering and other related majors. Teachers can experience industrial lean manufacturing, artificial intelligence, big data application, manufacturing execution system, intelligent warehouse management and other factory application scenarios, and cultivate students' macro understanding and grasp of intelligent manufacturing

The integration and operation of the teaching and training platform of Industry 4.0 intelligent manufacturing production line shall be carried out by the training engineers of the pilot intelligent equipment Department. First, the training engineers gave an overall introduction to the intelligent production line of Industry 4.0, explained the operation and maintenance of modules such as RFID system, PLC workstation, intelligent three-dimensional warehouse, industrial robot and small five-axis machining center, and answered technical questions. Finally, under the guidance of the training engineer, the participating teachers carried out practical training.

Full-time teachers and related personnel through training, the college of industrial production line 4.0 intelligent operation have a deeper understanding, to improve the academic level and the late development of curriculum resources, teachers teaching quality competition, students skills contest, to carry out the business industry 4.0 intelligent manufacturing technology will play a positive role in such aspects as training.


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