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An overview,
The machine and people in the factory are connected to the network, and the dialogue between machines and machines can be realized between people and machines. The factory that can realize this manufacturing method is called intelligent factory. With the national 2025 intelligent manufacturing plan and the popularity of artificial intelligence teaching, colleges and universities pay more attention to the teaching construction of corresponding majors. How to let students understand and experience, learn and practice the modules of intelligent production unmanned factory in school and classroom? This is the pilot launch of industrial 4.0 intelligent manufacturing training platform mission.

2. Composition of intelligent manufacturing training platform
This platform by a 6 axis degrees of freedom robot, a three-dimensional industrial mechanical arm, a flexible numerical control lathe, a flexible CNC milling machine, the RFID system, PLC station, intelligent warehouse, instrument panel, conveyor belt parts, such as automatic up-down material, processing such as nobody work link, robot according to the instructions for the two machines feed respectively; The system can realize the industrial robot loading and unloading workstation system programming, loading and unloading system integration, RFID system application, PLC system programming, CNC lathe programming processing, CNC milling machine programming processing, fieldbus communication training and other links. Let the students easily master the industrial 6-axis robot loading and unloading and CNC machine tools to build flexible processing and production system, can meet the needs of students to learn and operate industrial robots, students through the system of learning and training, the construction of intelligent production unmanned factory has a comprehensive understanding and experience.

3, market application
4.0 intelligent manufacturing industrial training platform can be used as junior college, technical secondary school, vocational colleges machinery manufacturing and automation, mechanical and electrical integration, professional training equipment, the robot as a education training institutions and enterprises 4.0 intelligent unmanned factory engineers, graduate students for industrial used to form a training and improve phase comprehensive learning and training.

4. Relevant courses available for service
4.0 intelligent manufacturing training platform can be applied to industrial robot technology and operation, machinery manufacturing and basis, mechanical engineering testing technology, mechanical and electrical transmission control, hydraulic and pneumatic transmission, robot technology and application, mechanical and electrical integration of system design, numerical control technology, electrical and mechanical system simulation, the principle and application of CAD/CAM, PLC, digital manufacturing technology, mechanical and electrical Standby fault diagnosis, manufacturing technology, multi-axis CNC machining technology, virtual and simulation technology, etc.


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