Teaching and training of small CNC machine tools in secondary vocational schools

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In addition to the study of cultural courses, vocational education pays special attention to practical ability and is employment-oriented. Therefore, in the teaching arrangement, the students' operation experiment class accounts for more. However, many vocational schools do not arrange a large number of practical courses. The reason is that there is no professional equipment, or the equipment is too old to meet the needs of modern technology.

 The pilot small CNC machine tools are small in size, powerful in function and low in price, so that the school can achieve better teaching effects with a fraction of the investment, which not only effectively solves the problem of insufficient funds and venues in teaching, but also allows both teachers and students. By teaching, learning, and doing, the whole process builds a quality and skill training framework, enriches classroom teaching and practical teaching links, and improves the teaching quality of CNC practical training in secondary vocational schools. The salient features are as follows:

1. Small size, multiple functions and light weight. The machine can be used on a desk and can be moved at will. Large-scale industrial machine tools have the same functions as small machine tools. Although the sparrow is small, it has all the internal organs;

Second, the seamless connection between production and education. The professional industrial-grade CNC system is selected, so that the CNC system learned by the students is consistent with the one used in the factory, and the students can directly operate the large-scale CNC machine tools after the training;

3. Energy saving and environmental protection, high production and consumption reduction: Using 220V working voltage, the power consumption of the whole machine is about 1KW, and there is no need for heartache for long-term operation of multiple machines, and the consumption of machine tool practice materials and tools is low;

4. Intuitive teaching, the fully enclosed structure combined with quick metal cold-rolled sheet metal and transparent plexiglass allows students to directly observe the machining operation and electrical circuit status, reduce students' fear of facing the machine, and reduce students' fear to a certain extent. The safety hazards of various machine tools and equipment brought about by lack of practical experience have reduced the psychological burden of students, allowing students to freely operate without any scruples, laying a solid foundation for the teaching of CNC practical training.

5. It can be used as a small CNC milling machine work station in the FSM intelligent factory teaching platform with less investment, and the output price is only a fraction of that of large machine tools. The school can use the same money to buy more equipment and strive for more for students practical opportunities.

Small CNC milling machine, model: C17


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