The importance of desktop CNC machine tools in CNC teaching and training

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With the continuous development of CNC technology, CNC machine tools are becoming more and more popular, and users' requirements for product quality and variety diversification and personalization are increasing day by day. The use and production of CNC machine tools has become the general direction of the reform of the machinery manufacturing industry.

This puts forward higher requirements for the personnel training and teaching work of CNC majors in secondary vocational schools. How to effectively improve the teaching quality and ensure the teaching efficiency within the scope of reasonable cost control has become a difficult problem that plagues the secondary vocational education industry.

Numerical control training requires students to operate with real guns and live ammunition. At present, most secondary vocational schools use industrial CNC machine tools for teaching. Industrial CNC machine tools are generally more expensive, and it is difficult for schools to have one machine tool per person.

The pilot desktop CNC lathe is small in size, powerful in function and low in price, allowing schools to achieve better teaching effects with a fraction of the investment, which not only effectively solves the problem of insufficient funds and space in teaching, but also allows teachers and students to Both sides teach, learn, and do, build a quality and skill training framework throughout the process, enrich classroom teaching and practical teaching, and improve the quality of professional teaching.

product description:
Small CNC lathe

The desktop small CNC lathe works with 220V voltage, the model is compact, the volume is less than 1 cubic meter, and the net weight: 100Kg. Equipped with industrial-grade numerical control system, applicable to international general programs. The fuselage is made of high-quality cast iron and adopts industrial-grade grinding ball screws. The whole machine is sturdy and stable, with high machining accuracy and high efficiency. The excellent performance can be widely used in various maker innovation studios, CNC teaching training in vocational colleges, small parts processing in scientific research units, and can also be used as a work station in the FSM smart factory teaching platform.

Notable features:
1. Equipped with professional-grade industrial-grade panel numerical control system (the machine has a panel system, no need for another computer), no longer worry about the machine tool failure, safer, more stable and more durable; the system is equipped with remote operation software, which can be remotely managed via the Internet And operate multiple machine tools; with graphic simulation function, perfect self-diagnosis function, real-time display of abnormality and immediate alarm to ensure operational safety, with electronic handwheel, convenient manual operation, can be equipped with a fourth-axis CNC indexing head, function More powerful, the machine tool is small and complete.
2. The method of use is simple and professional, which not only satisfies the entry of beginners in CNC, but also satisfies the professional learning CNC operator. You can directly use the third-party programming software to directly produce G-code programs, or you can program manually, and the processing materials are wide (iron, copper, etc.). , aluminum, plastic, plexiglass and other materials), high processing precision, the machine is firm, stable and durable.
3. It adopts transparent plexiglass and metal sheet metal fully enclosed structure, uses 220 volts of voltage to improve the safety and observation of use, adopts selected high-quality cast iron materials for casting, and adopts high-precision grinding ball screws to ensure machining accuracy. Covering an area of 0.5 square meters, it has a strong actual processing capacity.
4. Adopt ISO standard G code programming, support M code and S code, fully compatible with FANUC, Mitsubishi G code and various CAD/CAM software (MasterCAM, UG, CAXA and other software programming, etc.), graphical programming.
5. Renishaw laser interferometer is used for accurate detection to ensure positioning accuracy.
6. The desktop small CNC lathe can be used as a work station in the FSM intelligent factory teaching platform

重复定位精度 0.02mm
最大钻孔直径 13mm
最大铣削直径 16mm
系统分辨率 0.0025mm
工作台尺寸 380 × 90mm
X/Y/Z行程 210/95/200mm
工作台T型槽尺寸 12 mm
主轴锥度 MT3
丝杆 高精度滚珠丝杆
电子手轮 配有电子手轮
主轴转速范围 100-3500 转/分钟
快速移动速度 5000mm/min
主轴电机功率 350W
使用电压 220V
机床尺寸 845 × 580 × 850mm
包装尺寸 950 × 680 × 950mm
净重 / 毛重 100KG /120KG
数控系统 Xendoll M3数控系统


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