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8 in FOUR Professional mini micro machine tool Set

Model: W500MA

  • Youth Activity Center, School General Technical Room, Science and Technology Activity Room Equipment, Science and Technology Museum Student Science and Technology Creation, DIY hobbyist.
  • This professional kit can be assembled into jigsaw, lathe, woodturning lathe, drilling machine, milling machine, sanding machine, grinding machine, Copying Attachment Woodturning Lathe etc, and realize at least 8 functions of those machines. it is only assembled in three of 7 kind machines and on-hand grinding machine at the same time, for there are only FOUR motors and headstock are offered. In addition to some accessories, the kit can be assemble into specialist machines.

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    XENDOLL power tools: It is driven by 12V safe direct current transformer. It is helpful for improving manual ability and independent thinking, thus effectively improving intelligence of children. So as to be a good didactical tool for children. It is also an ideal tool for DIY hobbyist and modelmaker to make various craft. Wear goggles when using. Children need to be guided by adults.


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