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Model: XD2010
The electromechanical transmission control integrated laboratory bench consists of three parts, namely the electrical control part and the mechanical part (3-axis linkage) and the PC (user-supplied), using Siemens SIEMENS products and three-phase inverters and PLCs. Asynchronous motors, stepper motors, proximity switches;
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    Design Features:
    The experimental content covers mechanical, electrical, computer technology, communications technology, etc., covering a wide range, comprehensive strong
    The openness of various functional components is conducive to deepening students’ perceptual knowledge
    Flexible composition of various systems through multiple modules
    The experimental process is close to the assembly and commissioning process of actual electromechanical products, and the actual combat performance is strong
    Students can make innovative designs based on their own ideas
    "Electromechanical Drive Control", "Principles and Applications of Programmable Controllers", "Control of Machine Tools", "Introduction to Machine Tools", "Machinery Automation", "Machinery Manufacturing System", "Advanced Manufacturing Technology", "CNC Technology", "CNC Machine Tool", "Mechatronics Control Technology and System" and so on.
    Equipment expansion experiment use:
    Provides conditions for curriculum design, graduation design and extracurricular innovative design of undergraduates and undergraduates of mechanical and electrical engineering.
    Provides an experimental platform for teachers and related technicians to engage in the development of electromechanical products.
    Training of engineers and technicians in the application and design of mechatronics systems.
    To train maintenance personnel for electromechanical integration equipment for industrial enterprises.
    Improve the conditions for running schools and increase the visibility of schools or colleges.

    Technical Parameters
    Electrical installation platform size 1200*1000mm
    Controller installation plane size 1200*500mm
    Electrical cabinet test bench 1500*1000*1900mm
    Inverter unit Siemens SIEMENS inverter MM440 (2UC17-5AA1), OBPOO-OAA1 Siemens inverter panel.
    Stepper drive and motor 6N.m motor and 5N.m motor and drive module.
    Three-phase asynchronous motor 120W/380V/1200 rpm.
    DC brushless motor power 1.1kw.
    Proximity Switch Frequency: 50; Rated Voltage: 24(V); Rated Current: 10(A); Detection Distance: 7(mm).
    Spindle speed 0-3500 rpm.
    The system resolution is 0.00125mm.
    CNC system 3-axis linkage CNC system
    Travel range of X/Y/Z axis is 300/175/270mm.
    Screws Industrial Ball Screws
    Repeat positioning accuracy 0.02mm
    Spindle taper MT3
    Table T-slot size 12 mm
    Worktable T-slot number 3
    Table size 450 × 160mm.
    Power Supply Unit Use 220V voltage, power protection and power distribution components, configure power protection and power distribution components, and configure DC switching power supply to provide power for the system; 24VDC3A output and 5V2A output; configure 220VAC and DC power signal indicator; configure Voltage leakage protection, current leakage protectors and fuses protect personal safety.

    Equipment composition
    1) PC desktop computer (user-supplied)
    2) The main components of the electrical control cabinet:
    ● PLC (Siemens SIEMENS-s7-200CN programmable device)
    ● Relays and contactors
    ● Three-phase asynchronous motor
    ● Stepper motor control system
    ● AC frequency converter (Siemens SIEMENS, MM440)
    ● Proximity switch
    ● Guangzhou CNC system / Central China CNC system / Pioneer M3 system / Siemens 808D
    ● Partition type innovative control panel (homemade)
    3) The mechanical part (small CNC milling and milling machine) consists of:
    ● X axis, Y axis, Z axis
    ● High-precision industrial grade ball screw, cast iron body, good steel, can be processed steel, aluminum and so on.
    4) Software: PLC programming software.

    Basic experimental project
    1. PLC awareness, Gi~1I (software and hardware architecture, system components, basic instructions, wiring, programming downloads, etc.).
    2. PLC and stepper motor control
    3.PLC control LED digital tube
    4. Inverter function parameter setting and operation
    5. External terminal jog control
    6. The inverter controls the positive and negative rotation of the motor
    7. Multi-speed selection of frequency control
    8. Inverter stepless speed regulation
    9. External analog mode frequency control
    10. PLC-based inverter forward and reverse control of the external terminals of the motor
    11. Based on PLC digital multi-speed control
    12. Based on the analog frequency converter frequency conversion open-loop speed control
    13.PLC and frequency converter communication control
    14. Basic components of CNC machine tools and understanding experiments of functional components
    15. PLC and Controlled CNC Machine Stepping Motor Experiment
    16. The principle and composition of the numerical control system
    17. CNC system connection and debugging
    18. CNC system parameter setting and adjustment
    19. Input and output interface training
    20. Machine reference point debugging
    21. CNC Milling Machine Fault Diagnosis and Maintenance
    22. CNC System Operation and Programming
    23. Electrical Design, Installation, Wiring and Commissioning of Electronic Handwheels
    24. Structure adjustment and operation of stepper motor drive system
    25. Structure adjustment and operation of DC speed control system
    26. Screw Return Compensation Experiment
    27. NC program basic instructions and functions
    28. Multipoint positioning hole machining experiment based on numerical control G code
    29. Plane trajectory machining experiment based on numerical control G code
    30. Cavity machining experiment based on numerical control G code


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