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Bench top CNC milling machine

Model: C17

High performance 4 axis milling CNC controller.

The standard spec includes MPG hand wheel.

Selection of high -quality casting materials,more compact,High strength guide way,.

Semi-automatic lubrication system,protect the rail life.

High quality 3 axis step motor,high torque brushless motor.

USB and RS232 port, DNC function of USB.

Pre-installed 4 axis fast interface.

Best choice for DIY or Hobby user and Education & Training CNC.

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    High performance 4 axis milling CNC controller.

    The standard spec includes electronic hand wheel.

     Selection of high-quality casting materials, more compact.

    X, Y, Z, A four axis micron level interpolation accuracy controlling;

    USB/U dis/RS232COM etc. kinds of communication mode, to help users achieve different data transmission and software upgrades easily.

    Perfect self-diagnosis function, internal and external status real-time display, alarm immediately when abnormal.

    Macro variable, macro definition programming, realizing a variety of logical relations. Support macro program with parameters, convenient to the user programming

    DXF+G code template function, converting DXF automatically to G code for processing.

    With the automatic aligning instrument.

    Teaching function: Teaching+ simplified instruction programming, teaching methods in table format, that is simple and intuitive.

    Graphic simulation function: show the graphics of the processing program and the tool path of the actual operation, tool path simulation processing without controlling the operation of the machine, to exam if the preparation process is correct.

    Multi interface selection: support multi language display, automatic fault alarm. Processing information display, processing time, the number.

    Parameter tabular: Input / output address number setting, only need to fill in the corresponding value in the configuration table.

    7-inch super large colorful (800*480) LCD screen. 

    Applicable industry: technology development, advertising design, art, technical college Education & Training CNC and DIY enthusiasts.

    Processing range

    X axis stroke mm 210
    Y axis stroke mm 95
    Z axis stroke mm 200
    Max.drilling/milling capacity  mm 13
    milling capacity cutter head(max.) mm 16
    Max. end milling capacity mm 16
    Spindle to table mm 70-270
    Spindle to column mm 167
    Worktable Worktable mm 380x90
    T-slot (width*slot number*spacing) mm 3-12-28
    Spindle Spindle drive mode Unpowered spindle/Motorized spindle

    Unpowered spindle

    Speed rpm 0-24000
    Spindle power kw 2.2
    Spindle taper / MT#3
    Feed drive X, Y, Z axis motor power kw Closed loop (1.8)
    X, Y, Z axis rapid traverse speed mm/min 10000-12000
    X, Y, Z axis torque N.m 2.2
    Positioning accuracy mm 0.03
    Repeated positioning mm 0.02
    Handwheel Yes/No Yes
    Cooling system Yes/No Yes
    CNC system / Xendoll
    Air pressure pa 0.55-0.6Mpa
    Machine power V/Hz AC220V/50Hz
    Gross weight/net weight kg 100/120
    Product size/dimension mm 845x580x850
    shipping size/dimension mm 950x680x950

    Standard accessorise
    Drlling chuck set, quick vise, Hex head bolt Flat washer, T-slot Nut, Hex Wrench Set(6-piece), Open end wrench set(3-piece), wrench, spanner wrench, Fuse, Oil bottle, twist drill bit, milling cutter, drawbar, spindle pin, foot pad, bakelite block, aluminum block, Micro CNC milling manual, CNC control manual.

    Optional Accessories
    mill chuck set, quick vise, Carnode end mill set, fluts hss end mill set, antimagnetic edge finder, indexable carbide end mill, the 4th axis, MT3 tapping handle and chuck


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