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Why are CNC lathes so popular?

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CNC lathes are applied more and more in modern manufacturing industry, and play the advantages that ordinary lathes cannot match. CNC lathes mainly have the following characteristics:

1. Short transmission chain. Compared with the ordinary lathe, the spindle drive is no longer a motor - belt - gear pair mechanism of transmission, but by two servo motors to drive the transverse and longitudinal feed, no longer use the traditional transmission gear and clutch components, so the transmission chain is greatly shortened.

2. High rigidity. In order to match the high precision of numerical control system, CNC lathes have high rigidity, so as to meet the requirements of high precision machining.

3. Drag lightly, the tool rest (table) moves with the ball screw pair, with little friction, easy to move. The pressure Angle of the special bearing at both ends of the screw is larger than that of the ordinary bearing. The lubrication part of CNC lathe adopts oil mist automatic lubrication. These measures make CNC lathes easy to move.

What are the characteristics of controlled lathe processing?
1. High degree of automation, can reduce the manual labor intensity of operators. CNC machining process is automatically completed according to the input program. Operators only need to start the knife, load and unload the workpiece, replace the tool. In the process of machining, they mainly observe and supervise the operation of the lathe. However, because of the high technical content of CNC lathes, the mental labor of operators is also improved accordingly.

2. The parts processed are of high precision and stable quality. CNC lathe positioning accuracy and repeated positioning accuracy are very high, it is easy to ensure the consistency of a number of parts size. As long as the process design and procedure are correct and reasonable, combined with careful operation, the parts can obtain higher machining accuracy, but also easy to process the quality control.

3. High production efficiency. CNC lathe processing can process multiple machining surfaces in a clamping, so it can be used for many intermediate processes of ordinary lathes in various regions, such as marking, size detection, etc. Reduced auxiliary time. And because the quality of NC machining parts is stable, it brings convenience to the subsequent processing, and its comprehensive efficiency is significantly improved.

4. Promote the development and modification of new products. CNC lathe processing generally does not need a lot of complex process equipment, through the preparation of processing program can be processed complex shape, high precision parts. Product modification When design changes, only need to modify the program, do not need to redesign tooling. Therefore, CNC machining can greatly shorten the product development cycle, for new product research and development, product improvement and modification provide shortcuts.

5. It can be developed into more advanced manufacturing systems. Numerical control lathes and their processing technology are the basis of computer aided manufacturing.

6. Large initial investment. This is due to the high cost of CNC lathes, long preparation cycle for the first machining and high maintenance costs.

7. High maintenance requirements. CNC lathe is a typical product of technology-intensive mechatronics, requiring maintenance personnel not only to understand machinery, but also to understand micro-electronic maintenance, but also to better maintenance equipment.


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