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How to detect the bearing temperature of a CNC lathe?

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During the operation of the CNC lathe spindle of Maker Machine Tool, factors such as insufficient lubrication of the spindle, viscous lubricating oil, spindle processing, and installation can all cause the bearing temperature to rise. If the temperature is too high, it can cause material expansion, leading to a smaller mechanical gap, resulting in noise and mechanical damage.

The temperature of the main shaft bearing can be monitored through measurement, and the temperature rise during bearing operation can be measured to determine whether it is normal. The bearing temperature is generally limited to a temperature increase of ≤ 45 ℃. During monitoring, if the bearing temperature is found to be>70 ℃ -80 ℃, it should be immediately stopped for inspection.

Installation and wiring of CNC lathes can utilize a combination of thermal resistors, multi-channel digital instruments, and PLC control systems to achieve bearing temperature detection. Install four thermal resistors at the front, middle, and rear bearing positions of the spindle. The PLC control system collects the temperature of four measurement points and monitors the specific temperature rise of bearings at different positions.

Control requirements and principles: The temperature control system uses thermal resistance to measure the temperature of measuring points, and uses multi-channel digital instruments to display the bearing temperature. PLC achieves functions such as parameter setting, remote monitoring, data storage, and alarm processing. In the actual programming process, there is no need to write a program to read and write PLC registers. Through the method of data definition, after defining I/O variables, the variable name is directly used for system control, operation display, data recording, alarm, etc. The system sets a start button to start the control program, and sets two red and green indicator lights to display the temperature status. The temperature of the four measuring points is within the required range, and the green light is on, indicating that the spindle can operate normally; When the temperature of a certain measured point reaches the upper limit, even if the spindle speed does not meet the requirements, the red light will light up, and the display on the CNC lathe will give an alarm corresponding to the bearing.

The operator needs to immediately stop the spindle and check the corresponding condition of the bearings according to the corresponding alarm number to avoid bearing damage.


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