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The characteristics of XD5001 machining center maintenance test bench

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Product description
XD5001 machining center maintenance experiment platform can realize the combination of mechanical machining, CNC machining center electrical control training, electrical fault diagnosis and maintenance, CNC system control principle teaching, CNC system initial parameter setting training and other teaching and training projects. From CNC basic teaching, CNC principle teaching to CNC operation training, from CNC machining center electrical control teaching to CNC machining center electrical fault analysis and maintenance as one of the multifunctional machining center teaching experiment platform, is the perfect combination of machining center and mechanical and electrical control.

I. Product characteristics
1. Multifunctional: The device integrates the control principle of the machining center system, electrical design method, electrical installation and commissioning of the machining center, fault diagnosis and maintenance and other functions together, making a multifunctional machine;
2. Openness: The design concept of the experimental platform is that all the functions are open to the public. Therefore, all the electrical control ports of the experimental platform and the mechanical design of the machining center are open to the public, so that students should actively participate in the experiment in the process of experimental teaching. From electrical design, programming, external fault diagnosis analysis, CNC programming, processing debugging and other aspects must have students to complete, so as to achieve a good training effect;
3. Modularization: The experimental platform is designed with modularization idea. The experimental platform mainly consists of main control circuit training module, spindle frequency control module, X/Y/Z axis servo control module, NC system input/output module, fault setting module, etc., which makes the teaching more flexible;
4. Professional: The numerical control experimental platform is professionally designed in combination with the national colleges and universities, technical vocational colleges and other numerical control teaching syllabus, laboratory numerical control teaching needs;

Two. The main part
Machining center fault diagnosis and maintenance experiment platform is mainly composed of CNC system, main electrical, electrical control, input and output part, servo drive, machine tool body and accessories, a total of seven parts.
1. Numerical control system: Standard Siemens 808D, optional wide 218m.
2. Main electrical module
● Power control and short circuit, overload protection control of the whole test bench;
● Integrated servo, cooling, spindle, tool library and other power on-off control, power open port, signal connection port;
● Monitor the work of each control module, spindle start and stop, servo start and stop, control system start and stop, cooling start and stop have corresponding work indicators, to provide effective help for electrical line maintenance and fault diagnosis;
Integrated numerical control system key start-stop knob, emergency stop button, manual control knob, button and other manual control switches, can be independent control of each module, more convenient for each module of numerical control training and teaching.
3. Electrical control module
This module mainly displays the electrical control schematic diagram and wiring diagram of the main electrical control, and must be familiar with it before the practical training operation, so as to provide good help for fault diagnosis and maintenance, practical training of external connection of electrical lines, and teaching of numerical control electrical control.
4. Input/output signal
● The input and output control signals from the I\O interface of the CNC system are dissected (limit switch, zero signal switch, overpass release, cooling control signal output, spindle positive and negative control signal output, tool library control signal output, lubrication signal output and other signal ports are all open). The I\O interface of the typical CNC system of machine tools is decomposed into multiple modules. Teaching and learning skillfully combined into one;
● Open I\O interface is convenient for diagnosis and maintenance, but also allows students to get personal line connection training in electrical aspects.
5.X, Y, Z axis servo drive module
X, Y, Z axis servo drive control module mainly controls X/Y/Z axis servo motor. This module opens all ports of servo drive, feedback encoder signal line, power line input/output outlet, control port and other ports to the public, which can effectively control the servo drive, electrical line training, electrical fault diagnosis and other functions to achieve better practical training effects.
6. Machine tool body
The body part of the machine tool adopts pilot brand micro CNC machining center, equipped with full servo motor, 8 tool library, automatic lubrication system, with cooling system, fully closed structure (safer), using 380 volts (convenient teaching), small area, with real processing operation.


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