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Application of Micro Desktop CNC Machine Tool in the Teaching of "Integration of Theory and Practice"

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1、 The characteristics of the "integration of theory and practice" teaching model:
The so-called integrated teaching of theory and practice refers to the organic combination of professional theoretical courses and practical training courses. This teaching method emphasizes the leading role of teachers, and allows both teachers and students to teach, learn, and do while setting teaching tasks and objectives during the teaching process. It constructs a framework for quality and skill development throughout the entire process, enriches classroom teaching and practical teaching, and improves the quality of professional teaching, It solves the problem of the disconnect between theoretical teaching and professional practice in the past. Throughout the entire teaching process, theory and practice alternate, with intuitionistic and abstract elements intertwined. There is no fixed principle of "practice before reason" or "theory after practice", but rather "theory has reality" and "practice has reason". This not only achieves communication and connection between theory and practice, but also helps stimulate students' interest and passion for active learning. This teaching method focuses on students' quality education and the cultivation of operational skills, emphasizing learning by doing, learning by doing, and cultivating students' ability to independently analyze and solve problems during the process of doing and learning. It also emphasizes the cultivation of students' professional literacy.
2、 Application of micro desktop CNC machine tools in the "integration of theory and practice" teaching:
In old-fashioned teaching methods, many schools have large equipment for internships. During students' internships, there are usually more than ten people using a machine tool. The time for students to practice on the machine is very short, and some even have no access to the machine tool, so it is impossible to improve the quality of teaching and complete teaching tasks. The talents cultivated are usually theoretical. The application of small CNC machine tools in teaching is an inevitable trend. Although machine tools are small and have all five internal organs, a fraction of the investment can produce better teaching results. This not only effectively solves the problem of insufficient funds and space in practical teaching, reduces procurement costs, strengthens teaching density, reduces practical consumption, improves teaching effectiveness, and improves the safety of operations through various safety settings. It also solves the problems of CNC teaching in the early stage, ensuring safety and stability, Energy conservation and environmental protection, efficient consumption reduction, large-scale teaching, increasing machine time while ensuring student safety, teachers' peace of mind, and reducing teachers' burden. The main characteristics of desktop small CNC machine tools in integrated teaching of theory and practice:
1. Small size, light weight, using 220 power supply, a standard classroom can accommodate 30 small CNC machine tools, one person, one machine.
2. The structure is exactly the same as that of a large CNC machine tool, and the operation of the CNC system is the same as that of a large CNC machine tool. It is a scaled down version of a large CNC machine tool.
3. Safe to use, reducing students' fear of machines for the first time. Students are quick to get started with practical operations and have strong initiative; Low consumption of materials and tools for machine tool internship; It occupies a small area and can be placed on a regular desk; Electricity consumption, even after a long internship, there is no need for heartache electricity bills, which is quite in line with energy-saving and environmental protection policies.
4. Equipped with professional CNC systems such as Guangshu, Huazhong, Siemens, Fanaco, and equipped with electronic hand pulse, cooling system, lubrication system, etc. The usage method and function are the same as large professional CNC machine tools, which can process steel, iron, aluminum copper, plastic, etc; Students not only master programming and CNC system operation panel knowledge, but more importantly, they can utilize small CNC machine tools with professional CNC systems. They can also master the process arrangement of machining, workpiece machining accuracy requirements, and the selection of cutting tools for materials with different hardness (requirements that must be mastered in actual machining), fully reflecting the various teaching requirements of small CNC machine tools in CNC teaching theory and practice

3、 Advantages of "Integration of Theory and Practice" Teaching:
The integrated teaching of theory and practice is actually a teaching model that integrates "teaching, learning, doing, and testing". In the teaching process, this teaching method has the following characteristics
Obvious advantages:
(1) Breaking the traditional classroom teaching mode and solving the problems of inconsistency and disconnection between theoretical knowledge and practical operational skills in teaching, it not only mobilizes students' subjective initiative but also cultivates their comprehensive ability to analyze and solve problems, enlivens the classroom atmosphere, fully utilizes the advantages of teaching venues and facilities, effectively utilizes limited teaching time, and improves classroom teaching efficiency.
(2) Scientifically and effectively transform abstract and dry theoretical knowledge into vivid and interesting practical processes, and verify them in practice, so that students can obtain perceptual knowledge from practice and consciously elevate it to rational knowledge, thereby developing thinking ability and exercising hands-on ability, and achieving twice the result with half the effort in the entire teaching process.
(3) Effectively combining classroom teaching with professional practice, integrating skill practice into classroom teaching, allowing students to directly learn the necessary operational skills for future employment in the classroom, transforming passive learning into active participation, mobilizing students' enthusiasm and initiative in learning, strengthening students' practical abilities, and improving teaching effectiveness and enhancing students' practical operational skills have positive significance.
(4) Effectively improving the theoretical and practical abilities of the teaching staff, and encouraging teachers to continuously study teaching methods and master new knowledge and technologies during the teaching process, in order to meet teaching needs and continuously improve their teaching ability and level.


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