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J1001CNC-A Portable CNC Teaching and Training Lathe, Desktop CNC Machining Center

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J1001CNC-A Portable Teaching CNC Lathe Portable Teaching CNC Milling Machine is mainly used in CNC teaching in universities. During the learning process, students feel the joy of "playing with toys", and everyone has one, increasing the training time.
Product features and applications:
The pilot J10001CNC-A portable CNC lathe is mainly used in CNC teaching in universities and can process non-ferrous metals; ABS blanks, soft materials such as plastic, wax, and bakelite. Students install pilot CNC software on a personal computer Windows operating system, completing the entire process from designing workpieces, programming machining tool paths, generating machining codes, to ultimately producing workpieces on a pilot portable CNC lathe. During the learning process, students feel the joy of playing with toys, which greatly stimulates their interest and enthusiasm in learning.
Compared to the current teaching mode that separates the theoretical teaching of CNC principles from the practical operation of CNC machine tools, this teaching method significantly improves the teaching efficiency, reduces the time required for students to master CNC machining technology, deepens their understanding of CNC machining technology, and significantly reduces the mental and physical labor intensity of teachers and students, making CNC machining teaching almost a student self-learning process, And it is a learning method of learning, doing, and playing.
The pilot CNC system supports various CAD/CAM software, such as MasterCAM, UG, CAXA, ProE, etc., and uses these software to generate G codes for machining; It can also be manually programmed and processed, and a high-performance computer numerical control system based on the Windows platform is both a programming system and a numerical control system; Implement G codes, M codes, etc. specified by international ISO regulations; The operation is intuitive and clear, with offline operation function, dynamic 3D simulation of tool path, and dynamic display of machining trajectory.
Maximum turning diameter of the machine tool φ 100mm
Spindle through-hole φ 10mm
Spindle hole taper MT # 1
Tailstock taper MT # 0
Spindle speed low speed: 0-1800r/min
High speed: 0~2800r/min, tolerance ± 10%
Spindle motor power 100W
X-axis stroke 60mm
Z-axis travel 100mm
Maximum clamping diameter 90mm
Effective size of workbench 150mm * 70mm
Stepper motor feed speed 1100 mm/min
T-groove size 6mm
Resolution 0.001mm
Net weight/Gross weight 14KG/20KG
The CNC system is a leading CNC system, with options for imitating the Fake panel and Siemens panel


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