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What kind of tool is a metalworking lathe?

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A metalworking lathe is a tool that produces a cylindrical symmetrical material. Originally lathes were only used for metal, but today they are also used for cutting wood, plastic and other materials. Maker machine tools, micro machine tools, desktop CNC

To reduce metal or any other material such as plastic, wood, the material is placed on the chuck lathe chuck and then rotated. The cutting tool can be rotated 3 dimensions to achieve the accuracy of the final product.

There are signs that there are certain things to consider when using a CNC lathe. The rotation speed is the chuck rotation speed and it can produce very high speeds for high precision shapes. But since a small mistake may produce defective pieces, it is advisable to rotate the machine at a lower speed. This will help reduce defects.

The depth of the cutting machine determines the tool life. Deep cutting depth increases speed, but the tool may wear out faster. Therefore, it is best to set a low depth value.

Finally, the delivery speed of the tool also affects the quality of the final product. High send speeds will speed up processes and low send speeds will result in a smooth and excellent end product.

The advantage of CNC lathes is that you can put a lot of effort into it with very little effort. Once a program is created, it can be stored and reused. Just do some test runs and start mass production. Since there is no human intervention fewer quality problems and standards of the product can be expected.


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