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Domestic CNC machine tool functional components industrialization development

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With the acceleration of our industrialization process, the demand for functional parts of micro machine tools is more and more urgent. How to speed up the production of functional parts of maker machine tools? As a pillar industry, equipment manufacturing industry requires faster development. Numerical control machine tool as industrial mother machine, equipment manufacturing industry the foundation development quickly, raises its comprehensive quality, more limits to meet our country numerical control machine tool development need, has become an important subject, the following shallow talk domestic machine tool function components industrialization development!

Present situation of industrialization of domestic functional parts
After nearly 20 years of technology introduction, digestion, absorption and innovation, for our country's low-grade numerical control machine tool development has made an indelible contribution, especially the "eleventh Five-Year Plan" key development, the domestic numerical control machine tool function parts production has a certain scale, formed a more perfect industry group.

CNC system, tool library and robot, CNC tool rest and turntable, spindle unit, ball screw pair and rolling guide pair, CNC tools and other main parts of domestic CNC machine tools production relative to the host, due to the high price of functional parts import, development lag, few varieties, low degree of industrialization, the market can not fully meet, Especially advanced CNC machine tool market development demand, some products have to rely on imports. The price of domestic CNC machine tools is high, almost lost the competitiveness in the international market, become the bottleneck of the development of domestic advanced CNC machine tools, seriously restricted the pace of advance of domestic advanced CNC machine tools.

The main problem of NC function parts industry exists in our country
1. Adaptability and satisfaction are far from market demand
From the present Chinese numerical control machine tool development trend, domestic function parts adaptability and satisfaction far do not reach the market demand. The main manifestations are as follows:
(1) The product level of functional parts has a certain gap with that of overseas countries. It is difficult to adapt the domestic numerical control machine tool development speed and technical requirements, at present our country production function parts mostly labor intensive, low technical content, especially the advanced numerical control machine tool.
(2) Chinese functional parts development ability is weak, in the past two years, the situation has changed obviously, but high-tech, more new functional parts, new product development speed is slow, many functional parts must be developed with foreign cooperation, cooperation production, joint venture, can only be assembled. Our country is still developing, market share prospects are still not optimistic.

2. Core components are imported
The development of China's CNC machine tool industry has attracted much attention. From 2002 to 2008, China was the first consumer and importer of machine tools in the world. However, behind the rapid development of the industry, the production of major parts and components in China is still controlled by others. According to the data provided by the China Machine Tool Industry Association, the total industrial output value in 2008 was 3,472.3 billion yuan, and the product sales value was 334.83 billion yuan, up by 27.5% and 26.0% respectively over the same period last year. Profit is not high, the core competitiveness of the product is insufficient this fact cannot be ignored.

3. Lack of high technology threatens industrial safety
The export of machine tools of our country maintains an gratifying annual growth trend, but the embarrassment of "quantity increase and price reduction" directly reflects our technology level. Therefore, we need to strengthen the awareness of early warning work, gather industry wisdom and strength, the lack of a large number of core technologies and the dependence of key components directly affect the safety of our machine tool industry. Maintain industrial safety.

4. Development suggestions for domestic functional parts industry
(1) The function components of numerical control machine tool should be mainly to pull the market, regulate the market, and take policy cultivation as auxiliary development direction.
Adhere to the path of private, joint venture, state-owned, joint investment and common development. We will enhance our capacity to supply supporting facilities. In recent years, the development trend of CNC machine tools is high efficiency, high speed, supporting, the development of functional components, must adapt to this trend. On the other hand, the functional parts industry must take the market demand as the goal, the market regulation as the means, in the competition to adjust, restructure, and gradually develop, so as to expand the scale, improve the level, and gradually establish enterprise groups with assets as the link, as most of our functional parts enterprises are "operated separately", it is suggested that the production enterprises through various cooperation restructuring, Strengthen research and development capacity and supporting supply capacity, improve competitiveness and market share.
(2) The development and scientific research should be strengthened to change the overall level of functional components gradually.
The functional parts of CNC machine tools are high-tech products, and more functions need to be realized by functional parts. These technologies are often pioneering and basic, with the expansion of their own functional needs, CNC machine tools must be adapted to the level of functional components must also be greatly improved, some involved in national security and national defense security, the state in scientific research and development and the promotion of results to give sufficient policy and financial support, to this end, It is suggested that relevant research and production enterprises accelerate their development in addition to strengthening talent introduction and scientific research.

Above introduced is the industrialization of the function components of the miniature machine tool, the function parts industry of our country already has a certain foundation, the overall development of the numerical control function parts is our country numerical control machine tool and equipment manufacturing development process the important link and the necessary stage, should cause high attention in all aspects. After 3~5 years of efforts, will usher in the comprehensive development of the period, will further promote our country numerical control machine tool and related industry progress.


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